Best thing for sure people. My husband’s cholesterol was 7.2 now just under 4.0. Takes 1 sachet every night. Very happy with this product!

Coleen Borstlap

Ian Posselt’s Testimonial:

Thank you CholesterolEase. I endured many years of pain on Statins. I stopped taking them in 2015. I have used CholesterolEase since then, I am totally pain free and more energetic.

CholesterolEase answered:
Thanks for the information. What was your doctor’s reaction? I am sure he was not too happy. I wish more doctors want to accept the fact that statins are dangerous and not making the difference it should.

Ian Posselt’s responded:
My Cardiologist was horrified when I told him I refused to take statins. He placed me on the treadmill, did all the usual tests and couldn’t believe the results. I had a scan done on my legs in early 2015 which showed the blocked arteries. He immediately referred me to a Phlebologist who wanted to cut my left leg to repair my right leg which was the worst. I am an Engineer, I could not understand this logic. I refused this treatment and did extensive research, I heard about your product one morning on the radio and immediately went and bought it. At the last visit to my Cardiologist in late 2015, I took my Wife with to witness what he had to say. He shouted at me that he needs people like me for his business to survive. He gave me a new script for statin which I tore up in front of him. He was horrified, I haven’t been back to him since. That reaction from my Dr. was the answer I had been looking for, big pharma poisons us.

During 2007 I started suffering from chest pains. Later it became so bad that I battled to walk more than ten paces without having to stop to catch my breath. The cardiologist did an angiogram and discovered a 95% blockage in one of my coronary arteries. He immediately wanted to do a heart bypass operation. A bed was booked for the following Thursday to give me time to make arrangements as I was running my own business.

Remember seeing an ad for CholesterolEase and the amazing results they claimed to achieve, I immediately started taking 4 sachets per day. It worked like a miracle. The chest pains disappeared almost immediately and within 4 days I was back working again. I canceled the heart bypass operation. Going against the cardiologist’s recommendations of course. But even he was amazed at my unexpected recovery.

Many years ago, even before my heart condition, I injured my hip in a car accident. The hip has recently deteriorated to such an extent that I had to have hip replacement surgery. Before doing the operation and due to my age (I am 80 years old) the orthopedic surgeon demanded that I first get my cardiologist to do an angiogram to assess the risk.

The cardiologist could not believe the results. When comparing the angiogram photos taken 10 years ago with the new ones, he discovered that the blockage had disappeared. He was further amazed at how well my arteries had improved since the first angiogram.

CholesterolEase saved my life. Everyone should be taking this remarkable all-natural product. Don’t wait for it to be too late. Life is too short.

Claude Fishbach

UNSOLICITED TESTIMONY by Riaan Cruywagen – Veteran Radio & TV Broadcaster

A decade ago a blood test as part of a routine medical examination revealed that I suffered from hypercholesterolemia, a medical condition indicating the presence of too much bad cholesterol in the body – of which I wasn’t even aware.

Although my total cholesterol count was not too far above the acceptable limit, my physician warned me that the alarm bells would start ringing soon if I didn’t change my eating habits and sedentary lifestyle. However, a strict diet combined with daily exercise would not solve the problem without medication, and the doctor prescribed typical anti-cholesterol treatment in the form of a statin-containing drug. Then my agony began.

I used, changed and switched statins for a number of years in an effort to find one with the least side-effects, of which restless legs at night were the worst. Lack of sleep eventually had such an adverse effect on my quality of life that I decided to seek an alternative, more natural solution to my cholesterol problem. That’s when I discovered CholesterolEase.

Having discussed the phenomenon of hypercholesterolemia with various medical experts, I soon realised that there was much more to cardiovascular disease and cardiac health than cholesterol levels alone. It was important to prevent and remove fatty deposits that clog arteries, a dangerous condition called atherosclerosis. CholesterolEase combats the buildup of plaque, whilst lowering cholesterol levels at the same time.

I am neither a medical expert, nor am I in a position to advise anyone about medication or medical treatment. I can, however, attest to the highly beneficial effect that the health supplement CholesterolEase has had on my cardiovascular health since I started taking this wonderful health supplement daily and without exception on 13th October 2016.

I do not smoke, I consume very little alcohol, and I cut back on foods loaded with fat or sugar; but owing to the nature of my work as a broadcaster there wasn’t too much I could do to adopt a more active lifestyle or reduce my stress levels. So, surely not every threat to my cardiac health has been eliminated. But I can state and declare with absolute conviction that thanks to CholesterolEase, not only are my cholesterol levels now well within acceptable limits, but sonar tests indicate that the buildup of fatty deposits in my arteries has also diminished and is continuing to do so although I don’t take any other anti-cholesterol medication whatsoever.

CholesterolEase, with its pleasant orange flavour, has changed and improved my life for good. The best of all is that it is very affordable, too!

Riaan Cruywagen

Best product ever. I can personally testify.

Big-Pun Uetuu Boss Major

Being on CholesterolEase for the last 4 months taking 1 morning and 1 evenings. I can’t take statins so best for me started with a 6.98 reading a month ago down to 5.74 after today’s test as down to 4.71. CholesterolEase is a really a great product!

Liz Holmwood

I told a friend of mine who was taking statins about CholesterolEase. The testimonies I read on this page also warned her about the dangers/side effects of statins. She immediately bought CholesterolEase and started taking it and stopped statins. 4 months after she went to do cholesterol check, she is now cholesterol free!
I also took it a while back and stopped statins. Few months later went for blood check, guess what, was cholesterol free. I want to start taking it again to prevent building of plaque in my arteries

Tebogo Mashego

I have also stopped using statins just over a year ago and I started drinking CholesterolEase every morning. I did not really change my diet. When I went for a cholesterol test 2 weeks ago, my cholesterol levels were much lower than the previous time when it was tested about 2 years ago WITH using statins.

Etna Wepener

This is an unsolicited testimonial from someone who has not had a single chest-pain in the six or seven months since beginning CholesterolEase treatment … I take one-and-a-half sachets per day (being a pensioner, that’s all I can afford) and my chest pains, which were very severe and occurred regularly, following even the slightest exertion on my part, have completely disappeared! … Not only is the CholesteroEase product highly effective, but I recently discovered, to my delight, that they also provide amazingly swift and caring service (rare these days in this country) …. Nice, down-to-earth people to do business with … Thank you, CholesterolEase!!!

Beau Maloney

Hi Johan, I had a 5-way bypass in May 2012, my blockages were all at 90% plus. I heard the CholesterolEase advert on AlgoaFM whilst recovering and decided to try it. I have been taking one sachet every morning since then. In April 2018 at my annual checkup at the Cardiologist I did a full stress ECG to 168 bpm and had a heart sonar done. The results, perfect!! The Cardiologist’s remark was that I am like a new man.
My brother in law in Cape Town was on his 6th stent about 5 years ago when I told him about CholesterolEase. He started using it immediately and until today has never needed another stent.
If this is not proof that CholesterolEase works then I don’t know what is. All I can say is a huge thank you for having developed this medication. Believe me you are helping and saving thousands of lives.

Vaughan Marlow

I waited a long time for this opportunity. I have had 3 heart bypass operations already. At 36 years, 46 years and at 50 years. I was very despondent until reading an article about the person who started CholesterolEase. I was skeptical but started using it. Nothing to lose except a 4th bypass operation. It is now 11 years later and my cardiologist cannot believe how well I am doing when I go for my annual visit. He wants to know what I am using extra. CholesterolEase of course! My cholesterol count stays on 4.5. I eat and drink what I want. I use light medication for my heart such as Cardio Aspirin and Tenblokka. Since I started taking CholesterolEase 11 years ago, I experience no side effects and live a perfect life. No pains or side effects. Went on pension but started working again. My advice to anyone with problems, use it! Fantastic stuff! Available at most pharmacies. Use it, it works like a bomb!

Jan Francois Viljoen


I have been using CholesterolEase now for a month. I am a diabetic and had a heart attack. My arteries are blocked due to cholesterol. But I can do things that I could not do before.

Elmarie Dalhouzie

It brought my count down from 8.2 to 6.0

Phillip Le Roux

6 months ago, my wife had a stroke and could not walk. We tried everything. Gingo, Brainfuel and many more but nothing helped. Now, after a week of taking CholesterolEase she is walking and talking again. I will recommend it, it is very good.

Chris Cronwright

4 months before using CholesterolEase the professor did an angiogram and put a stent in one artery. Another artery was still blocked and he told me to be back for a second stent. Never went for the second stent. l started using CholesterolEase and went back after 3 months. He couldn’t find the second blockage. Amazing!

Eric Roman

I personally can vouch for CholestrolEase(CE). This time last year I was living on heart pills under the tongue. I could hardly move. My left ventricle was only functioning 53%. I had vein blockages. My outlook on living healthy was very bleak. The heart specialist sent me for an angiogram after many tests were done. I could get an appointment only in 9 weeks. I knew I wasn’t going to make it. Then I heard of CholesterolEase. I contacted them and I got my CE and took it as told. Within 9 days I could walk from my room to the kitchen. Day 15 I washed curtains and walked to the park. When they did angiogram, there was no blockage. Heart functions normal. Heart specialist couldn’t believe it. To this day I’m living a normal life running climbing etc. Since then 2 friends also reaped the benefits of CE not having to have stents put in and the other one after heart attack started CE and got his life back. My medical records and theirs are proof that CE works. I owe my life to CholesterolEase.

Soekie Coetzer

Definitely saved my life. Bypass surgery (after years on early generation statins) followed and ultimately non-cardio issues caused by the dreadful bypass operation cost me my career. However, the science behind CholesterolEase already existed for many years. Sadly, the various ingredients were difficult to obtain at the time before my operation. Thankfully, it is now available as CholesterolEase and after using it for more than two years I am clear of heart disease. I am presently maintaining good cardio health on a dose of two sachets a day, combined with general healthy eating and moderate exercise.

Gerry Brand

Google mega vit C and heart disease for resent UK studies 2013 and later. Use 2 x sachets for 1st two weeks then one per day. Use a good magnesium supplement and also a multi-vitamin like Solgar Vm-2000 with it for best and quickest results. IT REALLY WORKS QUICKLY! You will never prescribe satins again…

Johan Van Wijk

Amazing product – reduced mine from 5.8 to 4.8 in 3 weeks

Desiré van der Merwe


I am almost 70 years old and have been a type 2 diabetic for more than 32 years. I have also maintained a normal cholesterol level throughout my life. During 2008 I was hospitalised due to partial blockages in 2 of my coronary arteries for which stents were inserted to keep them open. In 2014 a blockage occurred in one of the stents and a medical stent was inserted into the old stent. In April 2015 I started experiencing the all too familiar symptoms that occurred in the past when the blood flow in my coronary arteries were restricted – a gradually increasing of my resting heart beat and lowering of my blood pressure. I started  taking CholesterolEase in July of the same year – one sachet in the morning and one sachet at night. After 5 days of CholesterolEase my resting heart beat started to normalize and by day 35 my heart rate was normal. This proves that the blockage has disappeared. To date I have not experienced any side effects and can strongly recommend this product to people suffering similar symptoms.

Thank you so much for sharing this product with the rest of us.
C Bodenstein(Translated)

My coronary arteries were occluded and I had a heart attack at age 32. The prescribed cholesterol medication didn’t work for me and I was afraid that I was going to die from a heart attack. I have been using CholesterolEase for the past 12 years and my blood vessels have remained healthy and plaque free. CholesterolEase saved my life.

J Wilken

I received good news. My doctor says the plaque in my arteries have regressed substantially from using only CholesterolEase for one year.

L van Sittert

One of my coronary arteries was 95% blocked. My cardiologist wanted to do a heart bypass. I started using CholesterolEase and within 4 days my chest pains were gone. It’s now been more that 7 years and I still haven’t had the bypass surgery. I feel wonderful. CholesterolEase saved my life.

C Fischbach


After 3 months, in which I took 2 sachets per day during the 1st month and 1 sachet per day thereafter, my cholesterol is down from 5.8 to 4.4. I will definitely continue taking one sachet per day. It really works.


Dr Pauling’s life work has been incorporated into a good product that  is made in RSA called CholesterolEase. I believe we should all be taking this stuff. It lowers cholesterol, prevents atherosclerosis that causes the heart attacks and strokes that kill a third of all people.

Dr John Pridgeon,
General Medical Practitioner,

Dear Sir,

I have been using CholesterolEase for some time and find the product to be of great value to me.

Thank you for a fine product.

Kind regards.
A Barendse


I am a diabetic and my cholesterol is perfect (3.8) despite the fact that I am overweight. After 2 years of taking CholesterolEase my blood circulation in my feet and hands have drastically improved. My feet used to turn blue when it was cold but there are no signs of that anymore. It is also the second winter that I have sailed through without a cold or flu. I personally, believe that this formula is far better than Pauling’s original formula. I hope that CholesterolEasenever disappears off our shelves… it is really a life saver.

Thanks and regards
F Potgieter

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