Thank you CholesterolEase. I endured many years of pain on Statins. I stopped taking them in 2015. I have used CholesterolEase since then, I am totally pain free and more energetic.

CholesterolEase answered:
Thanks for the information. What was your doctor’s reaction? I am sure he was not too happy. I wish more doctors want to accept the fact that statins are dangerous and not making the difference it should.

Ian Posselt’s responded:
My Cardiologist was horrified when I told him I refused to take statins. He placed me on the treadmill, did all the usual tests and couldn’t believe the results. I had a scan done on my legs in early 2015 which showed the blocked arteries. He immediately referred me to a Phlebologist who wanted to cut my left leg to repair my right leg which was the worst. I am an Engineer, I could not understand this logic. I refused this treatment and did extensive research, I heard about your product one morning on the radio and immediately went and bought it. At the last visit to my Cardiologist in late 2015, I took my Wife with to witness what he had to say. He shouted at me that he needs people like me for his business to survive. He gave me a new script for statin which I tore up in front of him. He was horrified, I haven’t been back to him since. That reaction from my Dr. was the answer I had been looking for, big pharma poisons us.