A decade ago a blood test as part of a routine medical examination revealed that I suffered from hypercholesterolemia, a medical condition indicating the presence of too much bad cholesterol in the body – of which I wasn’t even aware.

Although my total cholesterol count was not too far above the acceptable limit, my physician warned me that the alarm bells would start ringing soon if I didn’t change my eating habits and sedentary lifestyle. However, a strict diet combined with daily exercise would not solve the problem without medication, and the doctor prescribed typical anti-cholesterol treatment in the form of a statin-containing drug. Then my agony began.

I used, changed and switched statins for a number of years in an effort to find one with the least side-effects, of which restless legs at night were the worst. Lack of sleep eventually had such an adverse effect on my quality of life that I decided to seek an alternative, more natural solution to my cholesterol problem. That’s when I discovered CholesterolEase.

Having discussed the phenomenon of hypercholesterolemia with various medical experts, I soon realised that there was much more to cardiovascular disease and cardiac health than cholesterol levels alone. It was important to prevent and remove fatty deposits that clog arteries, a dangerous condition called atherosclerosis. CholesterolEase combats the buildup of plaque, whilst lowering cholesterol levels at the same time.

I am neither a medical expert, nor am I in a position to advise anyone about medication or medical treatment. I can, however, attest to the highly beneficial effect that the health supplement CholesterolEase has had on my cardiovascular health since I started taking this wonderful health supplement daily and without exception on 13th October 2016.

I do not smoke, I consume very little alcohol, and I cut back on foods loaded with fat or sugar; but owing to the nature of my work as a broadcaster there wasn’t too much I could do to adopt a more active lifestyle or reduce my stress levels. So, surely not every threat to my cardiac health has been eliminated. But I can state and declare with absolute conviction that thanks to CholesterolEase, not only are my cholesterol levels now well within acceptable limits, but sonar tests indicate that the buildup of fatty deposits in my arteries has also diminished and is continuing to do so although I don’t take any other anti-cholesterol medication whatsoever.

CholesterolEase, with its pleasant orange flavour, has changed and improved my life for good. The best of all is that it is very affordable, too!

Riaan Cruywagen