Our doctors tell us that if we have too much cholesterol in our blood it will deposit in our artery walls that will eventually cause them to block. Therefore, we need to keep our cholesterol levels as low as possible to prevent our arteries from clogging up.

Now if this was true, we will need to cut the amount of cholesterol in our bloodstream to almost zero. But we need cholesterol for a number of fundamental functions to stay alive. Without enough cholesterol we will definitely die.

The fact of the matter is… what is too much cholesterol? We don’t really know how much cholesterol is enough. Pharmaceutical companies have reduced the safe cholesterol level from under 6 to under 5 to under 4 in the last several decades. And still more people are suffering heart disease than ever before. It seems that the lower our required cholesterol levels are pushed, the more people are suffering from heart disease. But that is a topic for another day!

The strangest all is that almost 60% of people who suffer heart attacks have low to normal cholesterol levels. And all of those people are prescribed cholesterol lowering medication without fail. Now that is scary!
The question is: Why do more people with low to ‘normal’ cholesterol levels still suffer from heart disease?

The reason… Cholesterol does not cause heart disease!

Maybe it is because it is too simple?

Medical researchers refuse to accept the fact that a cure for heart disease was already discovered in the late 1980’s by the two times Nobel Lauriat, Linus Pauling, and his associates. He discovered that all heart disease is caused by a deficiency of a simple nutrient. That nutrient is the common, most abundant nutrient on earth – Vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid or ascorbate – C6H8O6.

Unlike animals, we humans cannot manufacture vitamin C in our bodies and have to acquire it through our diet. All other animals can make it in either their livers or kidneys.

We all know that when we become deficient of vitamin C we start developing scurvy. Even when the symptoms of scurvy is still undetected, it can compromise the basic integrity of our organs, veins, arteries, cartilage, tendons, etc.

Vitamin C is the main ingredient needed for the manufacturing of the most abundant protein in our bodies, namely collagen. Collagen is an important building block of our organs, veins, arteries, cartilage, tendons, etc. Without collagen our bodies will disintegrate. In other words, if our bodies don’t have enough vitamin C to manufacture collagen we will literally fall apart.

When the artery wall becomes deficient of vitamin C, the collagen bindings, holding the artery intact, will become weak and a lesion will develop. As soon as a lesion is developed, a mechanism is triggered so that more collagen can be manufactured to heal the lesion. If a vitamin C deficiency exists, no more collagen will be manufactured, and the lesion will grow bigger until a leak in the artery occurs.

Human bodies have a unique molecule called lipoprotein(a), or Lp(a). Lp(a) is a very special LDL molecule with a very sticky outer shell. Its only function is to plug holes (lesions) in our veins and arteries. This molecule is not present in any other animal on earth except in humans.

If it wasn’t for Lp(a) the human race would have gone distinct thousands of years ago. It was the fantastic plugging capabilities of Lp(a) that kept our early relatives alive when fresh food was scarce during the ice ages. During those times the absence of fresh fruit and vegetables would have caused us to suffer from serious vitamin C deficiency and without Lp(a) our arteries would have leaked like sieves. It was Lp(a) that saved the human race.

The fact is… Cholesterol will only start to build up in our artery walls if we have a vitamin C deficiency. The more cholesterol we have circulating in our blood stream, the quicker our arteries will block up. The less cholesterol in our blood the slower our arteries will block. So, even with low cholesterol levels our arteries will still block up. Cholesterol is not the problem. Vitamin C deficiency is the problem!

The big question is… How much vitamin C is enough?

Medicine says 60mg per day is sufficient. Or no, 95mg per day for pregnant women is more than enough… no…no…no, others say 200mg per day is almost too much. But if I want to buy vitamin C, I can find it in 200mg or 300mg or 500mg or even 1000mg tablets. I can even buy it in powder form at 2000mg per serving per day. And if I buy Liposomal C my absorption will be so much better. What is sufficient then?

We need to look at the animals that synthesize their own vitamin C. Most 70kg animals (say a goat) synthesize between 5000mg and 6000mg of vitamin C per day to stay healthy. Even more when they are under physical stress such as extreme cold or heat or if its life is threatened, which is often, especially if it is to be some other animals’ lunch.

Now this is a good guide for us as humans to follow. We do not synthesize vitamin C in our bodies and should probably consume more than animals do, due to our low absorption rate. If you look at the authorities’ dismal recommended daily allowance of 65mg for vitamin C, it is no wonder most of us are always sick.

The two times Nobel prize winner, Linus Pauling, recommended that we should follow the animals’ example and take between 6000mg and 18000mg vitamin C per day. He said that anything less than 5000mg per day will not keep us healthy.

He also recommended that we take at least 3000mg to 6000mg of the amino-acid L-lysine as well as some L-proline per day. Including these amino acids with vitamin C in our daily regimen will remove plaque building up in our arteries and will keep them clean and healthy. These two amino acids cause a so-called ‘Teflon’ coating on the walls of our arteries, preventing the cholesterol molecules to attach itself to the artery walls.

Now doesn’t this make more sense than the somewhat over emphasize cholesterol theory which is not going anywhere, except making more and more money for the pharmaceutical industry and killing more and more people every day? It is true what someone said to me the other day… “Why would medicine worry about healthy patients if it is the unhealthy ones that bring in the big bucks.” No money can be made if everyone is healthy!

So, if big pharma wants to make money… keep everyone sick but don’t kill them yet!

This is precisely why we have developed Cholesterolease.

Cholesterolease contains all the ingredients as recommended by Linus Pauling, with the correct dosages vitamin C, L-lysine and L-proline as well as other nutrients to make sure that your cardiovascular system stays healthy and for it to work at optimal level.