Most doctors and patients are convinced that statins prevent stroke and heart attack.

I say they are wrong…!

Years ago, Linus Pauling, a two-times Nobel Prize winner, explained that animals make their own vitamin C and therefore rarely suffer a heart attack. For example, guinea pigs manufacture 13,000mg of vitamin C daily, but if infection occurs, these animals increase the amount to 100,000mg daily. Unfortunately, humans, due to a genetic defect that occurred many eons ago, lost the ability to manufacture vitamin C. That is why heart attack has become the greatest killer of all times.

Pauling reported that just 60mg of vitamin C is proven to prevent scurvy. We can get this amount by eating one-sixth of an orange. But Pauling added that it requires several thousand milligrams of vitamin C to prevent a heart attack. Unfortunately, it is not taught to doctors in our universities.

I was born with the genetic defect, Familial Hypercholesterolaemia (FH). My cholesterol was 14.0mmol/L when I had a heart attack at age 32. After 8 years on statins and its unbearable side effects, I decided to drink high doses vitamin C and lysine together with the other natural nutrients as recommended by Dr Linus Pauling. I admit that my case on its own is not enough scientific evidence that it works. But something that cannot be disputed is that I am 55 years old, my arteries are plaque free although my cholesterol is still very high at 12.2 mmol/L. I am very healthy and had not suffered any cardiovascular incident since.

For me, Dr Sydney Bush’s research is the best proof that large amounts of vitamin C work.

He proved that taking 6,000mg of vitamin C daily reversed atherosclerosis in arteries. His monumental discovery is sadly collecting dust.

Most people don’t know they’re suffering from GAADD (Generalized Ascorbic Acid Deficiency Disease).

Pauling called it subclinical scurvy. It not only affects coronary arteries but thousands of other arteries in our bodies. A house needs open plumbing and our bodies need unblocked arteries. Hardened arteries rob organs of oxygenated blood, leading to decreased function.

No organ is immune to GAADD. A lack of oxygen can result in loss of vision. Or it can trigger a stroke, which is another major killer.

Of course, there’s another side to this catch-22 situation that cannot be debated. We know that prescription drugs have unintended side-effects. Statins are no exception. Studies show that some patients develop liver and kidney problems. Others complain of leg cramps, emotional troubles and, in rare instances, total amnesia.

One of the most troubling side-effects is Type-2 diabetes, which occurs in 25 to 50 percent of statin users. Since diabetes is associated with greater risk of heart attack, studies show statins are causing the very disease they’re supposed to prevent. Very scary!

Please remember, I’m not a doctor and I will never recommend throwing away your statins. How to treat cardiovascular disease is a decision between you and your doctor.

But after adding up all the facts, particularly the research of Dr Bush, I’m pleased that I decided on high doses of vitamin C and Lysine as well as other essential nutrients. This combination strengthens and opens arteries, making them less likely to rupture, causing stroke and heart attack.

It is not necessary to drink hands full of pills every day. There is a product called CholesterolEase containing all the required ingredients which are available in sachets from most leading pharmacies. No prescription needed.