Millions of people are taking statins every day to lower their cholesterol. Most of them suffer side effects. Many of these side effects have serious consequences. Doctors turn a blind eye to the side effects and continue to prescribe statins although it’s been proven that only 1 in every 100 people really benefit from it.

The fact is, many heart patients have been taking statins for years but still need heart bypass surgery and stents due to blockages in their coronary arteries. A quick visit to a hospital’s cardiac ward will prove this.

Although cholesterol is the substance that blocks our coronary arteries, high cholesterol levels are NOT the primary reason for blockages. Blocked arteries are not caused by having TOO much cholesterol. Research proves that a blockage can only start when an injury (lesion) to the artery wall occurs. As a healing function, some cholesterol particles will try to repair the injury, thus causing a blockage.

Have you ever asked yourself why both people with high and low cholesterol levels suffer from blocked arteries? In fact, research proves the ratio to be 40:60. Confirming that more people with lower cholesterol suffer blockages than those with higher cholesterol levels. Completely against popular belief!

This proves that even when a person’s cholesterol is low, blockages still occur. It would only take longer to block than a person with high cholesterol levels. Therefore, treating high cholesterol will only prolong the inevitable. Not fix the problem.

The natural ingredients in CholesterolEase were scientifically selected to deal with the root causes of heart disease. This product was specifically designed to not only lower cholesterol levels but to prevent and even remove arterial plaque.