Contains no statins only healthy natural nutrients.
No side effects. Diabetic friendly.
No prescription required.
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The special blend of natural nutrients in CholesterolEase is scientifically proven to assist with regulating cholesterol levels. Further helping to prevent and remove arterial plaque deposits in order to substantially improve your cardiovascular condition in a relatively short time.

Important Facts about Cholesterol

 Cholesterol is absolutely vital to all our cells. It is not a deadly poison as most doctors want you to believe.
Your body manufacture ±85% of its own cholesterol. The other ±15% you get through what you eat.
Your body manufactures more cholesterol when you eat small amounts of fat and makes less cholesterol when you eat more fat.
People with low cholesterol levels suffer the same plaque deposits in their arteries as people with high cholesterol.
High cholesterol is not a risk factor for women.
High cholesterol is not a risk factor for people over the age of 65, although most heart attacks occur after that age.
The low-fat diet has no significant influence on cholesterol levels.
More than 75% of people suffering heart attacks have normal Cholesterol levels.
Most of the cholesterol-lowering drugs (statins) are dangerous and may shorten your life.

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